At Hillbuildit, our desire is to bring your custom furniture vision to life. If you can dream it, we can build it. Our top priority is to make sure you are happy with the end result, and each custom piece is built with the same care and attention we would expect of furniture in our own home.

Wood is an amazing natural material. Its beauty, hidden beneath the surface and only revealed when carefully crafted and finished by skilled hands. Strong and stable yet its grain can run wild in different directions and the stresses contained within can be unpredictable. We use the best wood available that has been thoroughly dried, then carefully cut and flattened to maintain stability; and yet moisture, humidity, and extreme temperatures all affect and can change the properties of wood. It can fade, expand, contract, and twist to cause cracks if not kept in a proper climate-controlled environment which we will not be responsible for.

We cannot guarantee color matching on any species of wood. Once the piece is approved by the client and leaves our shop, we are not responsible for any refinishing.

We carefully inspect each piece we build for defects and blemishes before they ship to you. We guarantee our craftmanship, how the piece is built, for 1 year. If damages occur from shipping, please notify us immediately so we can help. We will not cover damages due to misuse, mistreatment, moisture, humidity, or extreme temperatures. This warranty is valid for original purchasers only.

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